Etomon (Education Tomorrow) is a one-on-one e-learning startup with 100,000 potential users.

I came to Etomon to explore the ways to make real connections through education.


UI/UX design intern


3 months


Yue Zhang, Moon Na


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What's Wrong with Etomon

with the first version before Feb, 2019.

Etomon is an education platform that connects instructors with students. It provides lessons targeting K-12 learning, exam tutoring and career advising. 

When I first joined Etomon in February 2019, Etomon had launched their website and prepared to update the design system and add new functions for the next version.


During the first meeting with UX designers, I realized that users did not consider the product credible, because the interface was visually unattractive. The company had struggled for one year to attract new users to the website. Users would not come back after using or even browsing the content.

3 Pain Points

I interviewed 65 users. According to users' opinions, I determined three main pain points to solve immediately.

1. Confusing course categories

The types of education services provided by Etomon were not clear. When users browsed the homepage, they did not understand what kind of courses were offered.

2. Weak course details

The course detail offered by instructors did not appeared credible. when user browsed the instructor bio, they did not trust this instructor can provide a good service. 

3. No profile 

There was no profile provided so students could learn about instructors. Target users indicated that they wanted to know more about their instructors' backgrounds before choosing a course.

What I Did for Etomon

Working with 2 UI/UX designers and 5 software engineers, I redesigned the Home Page, Course Detail Page and Profile for 3,000 potential instructors.

Compared to the last version, Etomon's website has been significantly improved. Before, almost none of the users would treat Etomon as credible; now, most users feel comfortable while browsing the Etomon services.

How to Solve 3 Pain Points?

1. Poor Course Categories

I redesigned the PC version of Etomon homepage. After user-testing  with 40 NYU and The New School students, I made a new version which makes users feel much more confident about the educational services provided by Etomon.

The Home page provides users a general image on the four main educational services of Etomon: K-12, Exams, Career, and Life-style. 

As a new e-learning platform WITHOUT too many users, it is important to promote NEW courses to attract new instructors and encourage current instructors to post more courses.​ To emphasize our vision on personalized global learning, I use elegant illustrators to indicate our mission. To enforce the feeling of trust,I add real students' comments.

2. Weak Course Details

I redesigned the PC and mobile versions of  the course detail page to make the information look more professional.

Based on the course purchasing process of the PC version, I refined the process and applied it to the mobile version.

The PC version layout.

Course Detail Page offers users comprehensive information about the instructor and the course.

Unlike other e-learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy, Etomon enhances the introduction of the instructor through videos showing teaching style and written personal experience description. 


I believe besides the course content, the characteristics of the instructor are important for  successful learning.

3. No Profile

I redesigned profile so students could share their learning goals with their instructors which are important to successfuly instruction.​

I also allow instructors to review students for two reasons:

  1. Encourage students to take one-on-one learning seriously.

  2. Allow instructors to give comments easily.

The PC version of a student's profile.

What I Learned at Etomon 

Besides basic UI/UX design skills, I realized that there are many more responsibilities for a UI/UX designer in an early-stage start up.


First of all, I must communicate efficiently with engineers. Without a user-centered perspective, software engineers may prefer an easily coded method/function instead of a more user-friendly, but hard coded one. It is very important to collect enough user-testing results to support my opinion -- an argument without backup research is not persuasive enough. Second, designers should try to avoid rework unless it is necessary. The team would feel exhausted if they repeat the same tasks. 

Finally, unlike a big company, a startup company may not be able to provide me the best monetary benefits or working environment, but it is a great opportunity to challenge myself. Without an experienced supervisor, I taught myself everything by googling and asking my professor at Parsons. Therefore, the most important thing I learned at Etomon is -- instead of thinking about what the company can offer me, focusing on what I can offer the company makes me feel more satisfied.

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