An IoT (Internet of Things) smart bottle which drives 
children to drink enough water.


UX design intern


3 months


Yuna Sun

For Gululu, I designed and launched

an international version of Gululu smart bottle that

  • Improves the wellness of 50,000+ children

  • Expand the Gululu market in 4 more countries

  • Eliminates 100+ customer complaints per week  

  • Improves 30%+ total revenue 


In May 2019, Gululu wanted to update the version of the smart bottle Gululu go and promote it into the international market. To make Gululu go 2 more user-friendly, I made the following improvements for the company:

  • First, I designed the user experience of language selection

  • Second, I created the new game guides to teach new users the new functions.

  • Third, I designed the trigger of the updating and downloading process.

About Gululu

Bowhead Technology is a children’s wellness tech company whose family of products amasses over 9 thousand downloads monthly. Their core product, Gululu go, is an IoT smart bottle that motivates children to drink enough water through gamification.


I was brought on during the development of Gululu go to design a clear, multilingual experience that would appeal to global markets.

How might we achieve the project goal?

1. The Design Process for Language Selection 

The First Design

Different from any smart devices, Gululu go 2 does not have a touch screen. Therefore, I must guide new users to select their languages. 


In my first design, I used animation to teach users to switch the language choices by sliding a side of the bottle and click the button to select the language. 


  • Smooth interaction

  • Easy to understand for users


  • No space for animation

  • Extra time to make animation for motion designers

Second Design

The Second Design

In my second design, I made an “automatically jumping page” for each language. If users see their own languages, they can tap the button and go to the confirm page. 

I did user testings with Chinese, Taiwanese, and English speakers. Chinese users felt Ok since the first language selection page was Simplified Chinese. Taiwanese, who used Traditional Chinese but familiar with Simplified Chinese, also did not have a problem. 


However, most English speakers failed to respond immediately because they had no idea what the first page (Simplified Chinese) and the second page (Traditional Chinese) talked about -- since It took 6 seconds to arrive at the English selection.


  • No extra animation guide

  • Easy interaction 


  • Feel disturbing

  • Extra time to make animation for motion designers

The Final Design

In my third design, I organized all those three language selections in one page and continued the automatically jumping design. This design became the final version. Below is the final design. The GUI is designed by Chao Sun at Gululu.

The Applied Final Design 

2. The Design for New Guides

Collaborating with the GUI designer, I designed the interface for new guides. However, due to a tight schedule, software engineers did not have time to code the guides.


Below is the high-fidelity wireframes. I use animated hand gestures with a bottle to show how to play with the new functions.  

The targeted audience for Gululu go2 are children from 4-8 years. They usually lack patience and prefer storytelling with moving images.

Therefore, I applied cartoonish voices and animations to teach them to learn how to use the Navigation Bar, how to unlock new pets and switch maps, and how to listen to new adventure stories. 

3. The Design for Triggering New Guides & Updates

Now we have new functions and the old version is ready to be updated. Here are the operations of Gululu: slide the bottle side, tap/long-press the main button, tap the bottle side, and drink the water. Which operation should I choose as the trigger for new updates? 


I did 10 user testings: for the operation of drinking water, users do not have expectations because there is only a short point-adding animation. For other operations related to settings, pet raising games, and adventure stories, users would feel interrupted if they received an update notification in the midway.

In my first design, I considered the new functions with my designed guides as the first update. After drinking the water, If the user does not finish the guide, he/she would finish the guide first, then the bottle would update later.

However, my supervisor reminded me that at the original pet collection page, if the user drank some water and the water amount was just enough to unlock a pet, the unlocking process should not be interrupted. Therefore, I improved my design for taking care of this special case. 

Above is the UX for the special case. If encountering the pet unlocking moment, the update would not happen until the next water drinking operation. Instead, it would directly play the story of the just unlocked pet.





3-day retention

Weekly retention

Less complaints

Measured by user re-visiting resources

Measured by user re-visiting resources

Measured by customer service records

What My Users Say about My Design 

" The new user guide is so easy to understand. My baby learn the new functions really quickly! Now, he did not only drink enough water but also self-learned English with Gululu pets. Although we are Chinese, I am so glad that Gululu can have an English version. "

Xiaoyue, the mom

" The new Gululu is much more user-friendly than the old one! Before, I spent more than 30 min to read all the instructions and figure out how to use all the functions. Now, the gamified new guide taught me everything in 5 min."

Ken, the dad

What I learned at Gululu

As an IoT company, Gululu offers me a brand-new experience with UX design. Limited by the hardware technology, the software design must make compromises. Facing a device without a touch screen, I have to imagine myself as a child and think about other interactions much more interesting, otherwise, they would still choose smartphone over the Gululu bottle. 


Affected by the quality instability of the hardware in test samples, both hardware and software engineers would encounter more tricky bugs. Besides, the Unity system could unexpectedly crash, both the GUI designers and motion designers might restart everything. As a UX design intern communicating with engineers and designers, I should do not only make my wireframes logically clear, but visually pleasing to take care of their anxiety.


Finally, thanks to Gululu, I learned to become a designer who could contribute to the physical and mental health of children. Although focusing on extremely detailed work, I still feel the responsibility when talking with those children and their parents. In China, busy parents could easily ignore their children’s needs, Gululu makes me pay attention to the problem and want to do something for it.

Designed by Shuqi Zhu, 2020