We help people to effectively learn UI/UX design in their spare time with lower prices and higher motivation.


Individual project


2 months


Figma, Illustrator


with the current UI/UX learning platforms/resources

I interviewed 20 people, who wanted to change their career to UI/UX design, about their learning experiences.

Based on their feedback, we found none of the platforms/resources were perfect for someone not able to put full-time efforts into UI/UX learning.

1. Sites for design inspirations

“Good resources for any visual inspiration. However, UI/UX design is about the whole process.”

3. Blog articles

“Articles describe design steps well, but it’s really hard to apply to my project with a different topic.”

5. One-on-one online classes

“Very expensive. It is hard to concentrate while listening to someone on a screen. Boring.”

2. Professional portfolios

“Although I can view the whole process in a UX portfolio, I do not fully understand the steps.”

4. Recorded tutorials

“Always give up after 3 sessions. I cannot ask questions if I have one.”

6. Off-line intensive bootcamps

“The schedule is very tight and inflexible. No time to adjust to the intensive study pattern.”


for two typical target users

After summarizing the interviews, I created two personas to represent my most typical target users.


Amy is a typical procrostinating designer who wants to pursue a UI/UX direction. She needs something to push her; otherwise she would easily give up and regret it later.

This is Amy's user flow, which indicates how her classmates' homework posts motivate the procrastinator to finish everything before the deadline.

Ken is a typical busy designer who wants to find more job opportunities in UI/UX fields. He needs effective career advising which fits his tight work schedule.

This is Ken's user flow, which indicates how he meets an experienced designer during a career advising session and gets a referral.

Important Features 

based on target users’ needs

1. Needs for productive learning

My target users want an efficient learning platform where they can learn UI/UX in a more concentrated way.

3. Needs for motivation

My target users use their free time to learn UI/UX. Many tend to give up; therefore, they need rewards for hard work.

2. Needs for flexible schedules

My target users want a personalized schedule since most of them cannot study full-time. They want to have more time and location options.

4. Needs for career advising

Most users want a better job after learning UI/UX. In this case, they want a platform which offers chances to get referrals and career advising services.

How UXIclub Satisfies Users' Needs

1. Needs for Productive Learning


Instead of online courses, which often lead to procrastination and distraction, UXIclub would provide off-line workshops taught by professional UI/UX designers.

Each workshop would contain 5-10 students -- a class size where students participate effectively and gain enough feedbacks.


After each workshop, users should upload their homework for their mentors and classmates to review.

They can always message their mentors on any question.

2. Needs for Flexible Schedules


Users should complete 12 workshops to go through the entire process of a UI/UX project. Each workshop would contain one step/topic.

For the same topic, users can find workshops at different times and locations which fit their schedules.


3. Needs for Motivation


UXIclub provides rewards to hardworking students.

Every time when users register for a workshop and upload their homework publicly in the app, they can earn tokens.


Tokens are for free design tutoring and career advising.


UXIclub provides a showroom where users can see every student’s homework. Motivated by top works and not willing to fall behind, they would feel the motivation to improve their homework.

4. Needs for Career Advising


Besides normal UI/UX Design workshops, UXIclub also provides career advising sessions, including resume/portfolio revision and mock interviews.

Again, if a user accumulates enough tokens, he or she can redeem them for free advising sessions!


for UXIclub experiences

Low-fidelity Wireframes 

I applied gamification into the low-fi wireframes and let my target users test it. According to the feedback, I made the following changes:


  • Free career advising sessions as rewards

  • Project process tracking to guide UI/UX first learners

  • More obvious schedule reminder at home page


  • Amazon coupons as rewards -- not feeling relevant

  • Ranks based on homework grades -- too intensive

  • “Add friends” function -- not necessary


for UXIclub experiences


a Workshop

Another Way to RSVP

Look at Others' Homework

Check the Homework

What I Learned

At the very start, I wanted to rank all the users based on their homework grades to eliminate the procrastination problem. However, if the feeling of being pushed overshadows the enjoyment of learning, users may not use the service anymore.


I originally thought about using gift cards as rewards to motivate students to work harder, since anyone can buy things on Amazon. However, during user testing, people said that they expected rewards more related to my app. Besides, if users like the free portfolio revision, they would more likely to pay for another one. Therefore, I changed gift cards to free career advising sessions.


Designed by Shuqi Zhu, 2020