Typographic web and app design for a virtual Asian Music Festival, named "ZEST."


The goal of the design is to energize users to buy the ticket and the vibe of the music festival. Although very bold and playful, both the app and web are also very clear and easy to navigate. 



Jessie Yao


2 months




for ZEST website experience

The Home Page introduces the time, location and basic information of "ZEST." 

In the "Music" session, users can find the schedule of the music festival and learn more about the artists.

"ZEST" website also provides the information on free movies and the map of the location.

Users can purchase tickets at the Home Page.


for ZEST app experience

The ZEST app provides the map of the location; therefore, users can easily find their targeted spots.

The ZEST app offers the details about the food selection during the music festival.

Users can purchase souvenirs on the app.

Users can join any fan community and start chatting.

Users can tailor their own schedules by adding/deleting artists.

Designed by Shuqi Zhu, 2020